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Mbrella Films is a Film Production Company based in Bangkok, Thailand. We offer support for all aspects of film making, from pre-production to editing and visual effects.

Lovely Thailand, the legendary ‘Land of Smiles’. This country is at once intoxicating and inspiring, bringing to mind palm trees, canals, rivers, and dense cities. For any film production company, Thailand is a prime global film making destination. Mbrella Films is here to provide full film production services support.

Film Production Company Thailand Mbrella Films Filming Location Jungle
Thailand possesses a rich culture with both urban and natural landscapes

Film Production Services Thailand

For many reasons, Thailand is where Mbrella Films has chosen to base its operations in the greater ASEAN region. Centrally located in southeast Asia, Mbrella’s Bangkok headquarters recently relocated to an accessible Silom Road facility. Additionally, our complete facilities are convenient to both the MRT subway and the BTS SkyTrain.

Film production company services for projects of every budget

The expansive Mbrella film offices are open and fully operational. We have a team of hard-working professional producers ready to cater to your Thailand film production company needs. Read on for some of the many reasons why Thailand is an incredible cinematic locale.

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Thailand Filming Locations

Thailand is typically broken up by regions, including central, northern, southern, eastern and western Siam. Each region has its own distinct and unique offerings for foreign film production.

Bangkok is part of the central region, and it is a sprawling, dense metropolis with winding streets and alleys, canals, and an epic skyline. Bisected by the mighty Chao Praya river, many movies shoot along its banks as passenger and cargo boats drift by in the background.

Film Production Company Thailand Mbrella Films Filming Locations Bangkok Riverside
At every turn, Thailand is a source of inspiration for professional filmmakers

To the south, there are some of Thailand’s most splendid beaches and islands including Phuket on the Andaman Sea and Koh Samui on the Thai Gulf. Also in the south are magnificent limestone cliffs plunging into pristine turquoise seas.

The north of Thailand is where the best mountain scenery is on offer. Some of these mountain peaks reach so high, hikers have to bring cold-weather gear as they ascend above the humid tropical climate layer. Northern cities like Chang Mai and Mae Hong Son provide a rustic backdrop and a multitude of film making and production opportunities.

The latest generation equipment and camera gear is at your fingertips

Cutting-Edge Film Equipment and Professional Crew in Thailand

In addition to the abundant locations, Thailand is home to some of the best film crew and equipment options in the Asia Pacific Region. Most of these industry pros have been trained up to US and European standards, and the results are extraordinary.

Every year like clockwork a procession of Hollywood productions set up in Thailand. Features such as Gold, Only God Forgives, and The Hangover have all utilized local crew and equipment houses to support base international operations. And recently, Netflix has joined the lineup, in addition to other streaming services calling on the locally abundant resources.

Tax Incentives and Budget Customization

Expedited permitting to greenlight your project and start filming in Thailand

The Thai film board has dutifully recognized its country’s limitless cinematic potential and recently instituted generous tax incentives. Visiting productions can rest assured that whatever their budget scope may be, they will get results.

Here at Mbrella, we understand that every individual production has unique needs, and we are ready to cater to them. Whether your project calls for immersive special effects or full pre-to-post-production support, we have you covered.

Native In House Post Production Support

It said by some that a film is made in the cutting room, and Mbrella fully understands this industry wisdom. Movies and television are a director’s medium, and the bigger picture often doesn’t start to emerge before post-production editing begins.

Mbrella's production facilities are state of the art

With this in mind, Mbrella has outfitted itself with an offline cutting room and state of the art Davinci grading capabilities. And while the work unfolds, free coffee, drinks, snacks, and other client services make the process more comfortable and efficient.

For any kind of production support, advice, or guidance, we remain on call. So contact us at any time about film production services in Thailand and beyond. We are here to help you produce the best film and television in the business.