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Chiang Mai, nestled in the heart of Northern Thailand, is a premier destination in Southeast Asia for global film productions. With an array of breathtaking settings, a diverse and skilled workforce, all topped with a cost of living that won’t weigh heavily on your budget, Chiang Mai has emerged as an unparalleled gem for filmmakers worldwide. Mbrella Films, a leading production house recognized by the film board, is firmly rooted in Thailand. Our comprehensive production services, guided by English-speaking producers with over a decade of industry expertise, encompass the entire filmmaking process from pre- to post-production.

Chiang Mai is easily accessible by plane from all over the world, with direct flights from major cities including Bangkok if you’ve already landed in Thailand. Mbrella Films can deliver top-tier films and commercials to all our esteemed clients, whether the size of your production. With our proficiency and extensive background, we ensure that your next film production in Chiang Mai meets and exceeds industry standards.

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Filming Locations in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai boasts diverse filming spots, such as the historic Old City and the mesmerizing Floating Lantern Festivals. The mountain charm and rural landscapes of Doi Suthep, Doi Inthanon, and Doi Ang Khang make it ideal for filming, while Mae Chaem’s diverse landscapes create picturesque settings for cinematic storytelling. Chiang Mai is the go-to location in Thailand for movies that seek mountains and beautiful nature landscapes, as seen in blockbuster film productions like “Rambo,” “Da 5 Bloods,” and “The Creator”.

Chiang Mai City

A breathtaking view of thousands of floating lanterns fill Chiang-Mai’s night skies.
In Chiang Mai city, there are fantastic spots for filming, like the Old City with its ancient temples and lively markets, creating a historical vibe. The bustling streets capture the city’s daily rhythm, blending history with modern life. During the annual Floating Lantern Festival, thousands of lanterns light up the night sky, adding an enchanting touch to Chiang Mai’s cinematic charm. This mix of old and new, paired with the mesmerizing festival, offers a magnificent backdrop for all kinds of cinematic stories.

Doi Suthep

A magnificent view of Wat Phra That Doi Suthep at the peak of Doi Suthep at night with the city in the background.
Doi Suthep is a stunning mountain above Chiang Mai and a great filming destination. Its winding roads, lush greenery, and local hill tribe villages offer breathtaking natural settings. At its peak, Wat Phra That Doi Suthep temple provides a historical and spiritual backdrop with incredible views of the city. This mix of cultural richness and natural beauty makes it an ideal spot for any film production.

Doi Inthanon

Beautiful sunrise with the vanilla sky and layers of mountains on the top of Doi Inthanon.
Doi Inthanon is Thailand’s tallest mountain, with filming spots that will take your breath away. Its sweeping landscapes, rich forests, and diverse wildlife provide a stunning natural setting. At its peak, the Royal Twin Pagodas create an iconic backdrop against the mountain’s beauty. This stunning scenery makes it perfect for capturing a range of cinematic stories.

Doi Ang Khang

A strawberry field with a stunning sunset in the background at Doi Ang Khang.
Its rolling hills, terraced fields, and vibrant agricultural landscapes create a stunning natural backdrop for Doi Ang Khang. The hill tribe villages and their unique cultures add depth to the setting. The mountain’s serene beauty makes it an ideal spot for capturing a variety of cinematic narratives, from rural tales to stories of cultural richness or even romance.

Mae Chaem

A rare look of terraced rice fields with a house at the edge on top of the mountain in Mae Chaem.
Mae Chaem district provides an enchanting filming backdrop. Its lush valleys, terraced rice fields, and tranquil countryside set a picturesque natural scene. This serene locale, adorned with traditional villages and rich cultural heritage, serves as an ideal canvas for depicting narratives centered around rural life, cultural depth, and the beauty of the countryside.

Film Equipment and Crew in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Mbrella Films can provide you with a wide range of equipment and crew based on your requirements.
When it comes to equipment and crew, Mbrella Films excels in providing top-tier specialized equipment and an experienced team for your film productions in Chiang Mai. Our crew members are highly skilled and have extensive experience working on international film productions. Additionally, we offer English-speaking producers with over 10 years of experience who will be working with you and guiding you throughout your entire production process in Chiang Mai.

Budget for production in Chiang Mai, Thailand

At Mbrella Films, our producers will meticulously analyze your line budget and provide you with a comprehensive breakdown, offering transparency and clarity regarding the allocation of your funds throughout the entire production process. We prioritize keeping you informed and empowered, ensuring you have a thorough understanding of how your investment is being utilized. If you want to bring your next film production to Thailand, don’t hesitate to reach out to us using the contact form below.
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