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Nanjing, the capital city of Jiangsu Province, is located in Eastern China roughly 300 kilometers away from Shanghai. This city has long held importance in China having previously served as the capital of the country during several historical periods. It is notable for being one of the Four Great Ancient Capitals of China and the capital of the Republic of China prior to the Chinese Civil War in 1949.

Mbrella Films is a premier film and video production company with some of our esteemed returning clients including Apple, Nike, Kayak, Land Rover, Google, Hennesy and GoPro just to name a few. Each film and video production is planned with diligence in order to make certain that we cover all logistical concerns of the pre-production stage. This early and thorough preparation ensures the success of every shoot. Nanjing is an ideal shooting location with a profusion of filming opportunities. Recently, the Chinese government implemented tax incentives for visiting film productions. With increased national investment and the beautiful production locations on offer, Nanjing won’t disappoint!

Mbrella Films facilitates all of your film and video production needs for shooting in Nanjing. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time with questions, inquiries, or requests for quotations. You can reach us by email, phone or through the contact form below. Continue reading as we delve into the complete array of exceptional video production services we provide.

Video Production Services Nanjing

Film Production Company Nanjing Video Production Services
In Nanjing, Mbrella Films has a network of various experienced filmmakers with knowledge in all types of video production

Video production comes in many different forms, each with their own unique purpose and benefit. From documentaries and music videos to corporate videos, Mbrella Films supplies a wide range of video production services for every type of video.

Corporate videos, viral marketing videos and television commercials (TVC’s) are the types of video productions most companies will want to focus on first . These types of videos will broaden a brand’s awareness. A well produced cinematic video enables audiences to connect with the company’s products or services on an emotional level. Social media videos and YouTube videos also prove advantageous for a wider audience reach. Some productions require more planning, higher budgets and a bigger crew while other types like crowdfunding videos will benefit from a smaller production and a more minimal approach. Nonetheless, every stage of production from pre-production to post-production is for the purpose of telling the best story.

In Nanjing, Mbrella’s film producers have connections to local fixers who have detailed knowledge of the city’s locations and procedures.

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Film Fixers Nanjing

Film Production Company Nanjing Film Fixers
Fixers are integral to the production process with responsibilities that include scouting and managing locations, as well as procuring permits

In Nanjing, Mbrella Films has a network of film fixers who do everything necessary to smooth the production process. Ostensibly, they are the jacks of all trades for film production companies.

Fixers are local experts who are well informed of the local languages, rates and customs. Their responsibilities cover taking care of logistical processes such as lodging, dining and transportation for visiting productions. Moreover, they prevent problems from arising on set or “fix” these issues when they inevitably come up. Having an experienced and competent film fixer in your corner affords directors, producers and production team members the opportunity to focus on their obligations. This in turn allows space for the creative process to thrive.

Our local film fixers in Nanjing help make sure that every video production is a fulfilling success. Keep reading as we detail some of the amazing locations that our local fixers scout and manage in Nanjing.

Top Filming Locations in Nanjing

Film Production Company Nanjing Locations Qinhuai River_
The scenic belt along the Qinhuai River connects with the Confucius Temple at the center irrevocably tying the river and temple together

Nanjing is blessed with big city skyscrapers and surrounding scenic beauty. The city’s main river is the Qinhuai River which is also the birthplace of the old Nanjing culture. This is why it’s notably called “Nanjing’s Mother River”. Baohua Mountain in Jurong County and Dongting Mountain in Lishui County are the river’s two main sources. At one time, it was referred to as the“Ten-Mile Qinhuaihe River” as the areas along the river used to be the most prosperous places in the city.

Another wonderful location that has an abundance of different sites and natural beauty is Zijin Mountain (Purple Mountain or Zhong Mountain) which covers an area of 3100 hectares. The highest peak is 448 meters above sea level and comprises a green oasis of hills and forests with many separate temples, relics and mausoleums. The Purple Mountain Observatory tos the western mountain. There you’ll find a cluster of domed telescopes and modern research facilities that also house a wonderful assortment of ancient astronomical instruments. To the south of the observatory is the Botanical Garden containing over three thousand species of medicinal and decorative plants, as well as a statue of Li Shizhen, the father of Chinese botany and traditional medicine.

Film Production Company Nanjing Locations Confucius Temple
Situated right next to the Qinhuai River, this area has an incredible mixture of culture and commerce displaying past and present

Another possible filming location that stands at the heart of the city’s historic district is the Confucius Temple. The Confucius Temple is a crucial part of the city’s bountiful historic and cultural heritage.

Known as Fuzimiao in Chinese, the temple was built in the year of 1034 during the Song Dynasty. It has suffered repeated damage over many years and has been rebuilt on multiple occasions. This famous Temple has 600 years of history, dating back to when Nanjing was the political and cultural capital of China.

For any inquiries about bringing your next film and video production to the breathtaking Nanjing, please reach out to us at any time by email, phone or through our contact form below. Mbrella Film’s team of producers are always on standby to answer all of your questions. We look forward to working with you on your next video production; be sure to have a wonderful day!

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