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Abundant cultural and biodiversity endows Laos with varied natural film making locations and quaint village life. This country serves as the mountainous landlocked epicenter between Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, and China. It also has a slower pace and a more relaxed feel than many of its neighbors. We at Mbrella Films can help you get the most out of Laos, so contact us at any time. Read on for more details on why Laos is an exceptional film production company location.

Film Production Company Laos Mbrella Films Vientiane Laos
Laos is a cinematographer's canvas, a land of mystery and hidden treasures

Film Production Services Laos

The Lao government has recently begun to implement incentives that are favorable to outside investment. These incentives include benefits for foreign filmmakers, videographers and producers. This has started to open the country’s doors to the cinematic craft and increased the availability of film production services. Our production team at Mbrella Films can help you with everything you need to venture into this new filmmaking territory. Feel free to contact us at any time with questions or for a prompt quotation.

Continue reading to find out about the country’s film production infrastructure, local crew and equipment options, and distinct locations. We think you’ll agree that Laos is truly a land of untapped potential and possibility.

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Laos Filming Locations

Laos has a lot to offer in the way of filming locations for a production company. The country is highly mountainous and blanketed with the foothills of the Himalayan range. This means the terrain can be steep, but the payoff for the effort is a variety of vistas, summits, caves, and river valleys that make this country truly special.

Film Production Services Laos Filming Locations
Tiered waterfalls outside Luang Prabang

Laos’ imports much of its agricultural products for consumption from ASEAN neighbors, due to a dearth of arable land. However, exceptions to this hilly topography include two major plains where rice farming is conducted. These include the Plain of Jars which is a megalithic archaeological site on the Xiangkhoang Plateau. The other is the Vientiane Plain, Laos’ historic seat of power.

In Vientiane, old French colonial buildings and historic boulevards bring to mind the country’s past as part of French Indochina. The local cuisine preserves some Gallic influence as well, with a host of dining options for every taste and preference. Vientiane offers ample opportunity for cinematographers and directors. It is situated on the Mekong River, the country’s lifeline to the outside world.

For more access to natural life and less civilization, Laos’ second-largest city Luang Prabang delivers the goods. Here is the perfect base of operations for documentarians and music video producers seeking shots of jungles and secluded waterfalls. For narrative filmmakers, it is a great setting for an adventure or romance feature, harkening back to tales of exploration and wayward journeys.

Laos Film Crew and Equipment Rental

Film Production Company Laos Mbrella Films Crew and Location
Plenty of crew and equipment options are available for your Laos film production

Your film production company can procure some basic equipment and crew in Vientiane, however, we would suggest you import gear and talent to make the most out of your time here. With Bangkok being such a short flight away, it’s a simple process to get the latest ARRI, Red and Sony brand equipment into the country. Multiple flights arrive and depart on a daily basis, making Laos convenient for film production companies. The experienced fixers and producers with Mbrella Films can expedite and streamline this process.

With any questions regarding setting up your film production company in Laos, feel free to contact Mbrella at any time via the form below or with an email or phone call. Our producers remain your friends and allies in the greater ASEAN region.

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