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Shenzhen, Hong Kong’s direct connection to China’s mainland, is a modern metropolis in Southeast China. It is one of China’s most important cities with a population of a staggering 12 million plus people. The city’s astronomical growth has been astounding!

Only 50 years ago, Shenzhen was not much more than a fishing village with roughly 30,000 people. Since 1980, the city has grown at a phenomenal rate thanks to being declared a special economic zone, meaning the Chinese government opened up to foreign investment and technology without needing the prior approval of the central government. From 1980 the city grew at a phenomenal rate, known in China as “Shenzhen speed”, as large investments increased, both domestic and foreign capital. Now a popular shopping and entertainment destination, Shenzhen is also home to a plethora of popular Chinese IT and technology companies. Such enterprises include Huawei, Tencent, Mindray, Netac, Xunlei, DJI, Han’s Laser, BGI and BYD which is why it has been nicknamed “The Silicon Valley of China”. China’s stark economic evolution along with the government’s new investments in the film industry have led to an increase in skilled and experienced crew members for visiting productions.

Mbrella Films production company facilitates all of your film and video production needs for setting up production in Shenzhen. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at any time with inquiries, or requests for quotations via email, phone or through the contact form below.

Video Production Service Shenzhen

Film Production Company Shenzhen Video Production Company
Mbrella Films provides complete video production services including locations, crew, and camera equipment for shooting in Shenzhen

Video production comes in various forms, with music videos, documentaries, corporate videos and event videos all serving a unique purpose. For companies looking to create videos for their brand, it’s common to focus primarily on corporate videos, viral marketing videos, and television commercials (TVC’s). These videos are crucial to widening a brand’s awareness. A great video will enable audiences to connect more viscerally with the brand’s products or services. Production sizes can differ substantially in crew size with larger productions requiring more planning and higher budgets. With that said, the purpose of each video production should be to tell the best story possible.

Mbrella Films has an abundance of experience between our talented team of filmmakers in the logistics and creative departments. We have created, produced and provided our video production services for a host of giant brands and outfits such as Google, Apple, Land Rover, Nike, Kayak, GoPro, National Geographic and Hennesy just to name a few. Our production team are meticulous experts who carefully plan every step of the way during the pre-production phase through to the final cut in the editing room.

Mbrella Film’s has experienced local fixers in the phenomenal city of Shenzhen. They possess in-depth knowledge of the city’s locations and resources. Keep reading as we dive into what exactly film fixers do and how their services are invaluable to film and video production.

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Film Fixers Shenzhen

Film Production Shenzhen Locations Beach
Fixers are local experts essential to the process of video production and their expertise extends to scouting potential filming locations

Mbrella Films’ network of local Shenzhen fixers will assist visiting productions by securing the perfect locations for filming, as well as by accessing the local industry’s resources. Essentially fixers are jacks of all trades with a multitude of responsibilities such as expediting various logistical processes. These services include procuring permits, crew and equipment services. They also share with us their extensive list of connections so that the production process runs smoothly.

Whilst shooting, many difficulties and issues arise which could possibly stall production. An important responsibility a fixer has is to find solutions when such problems occur on set. Other priorities include logistical processes such as providing crew and talent with lodging, dining and transportation. The primary role of fixers afford directors, producers and production team members the space to focus on their obligations which in turn allows the creative process to flourish.

Mbrella Film’s local Shenzhen film fixers contribute to making sure every video production is an emphatic success. Read further to learn more about the top potential film production locations in the captivating Shenzhen.

Top Filming Locations in Shenzhen

Film Production Company Shenzhen China Resources Headquarters
Shenzhen’s skyline gleams with modernity with the China Resources Tower being a stand-out for its architectural innovation

Now having grown into a highly modernized international metropolis, Shenzhen boasts many skyscrapers. Shenzhen had 262 skyscrapers above 150 meters completed by 2018, leading to the city’s ranking of third in the world, behind only Hong Kong and New York.

The China Resources Tower is nicknamed the Spring Bamboo due to its design taking inspiration from a rising bamboo shoot. It is a 392-metre skyscraper situated in Nanshan, Shenzhen. The building was completed in 2018 surpassing Shun Hing Square as the 3rd tallest building in Shenzhen.

Diwang Mansion, one of the city’s tallest buildings in Shenzhen, is the perfect place for breathtaking views of the Shenzhen-Hong Kong border. The Meridian View center, located on the 69th floor at a height of 384 meters, houses telescopes with which you can see the entire city as the cityscape houses strips of green entwined with gleaming skyscrapers and modern architectural wonders.

Shenzhen boasts gorgeous scenery with surrounding mountains, sea, long beaches, islands, sea cliffs and reefs.

Film Production Location Location Shenzhen Coastline
Dameisha is abundant in reefs, islands, caves and stunning cliffs

Like it’s neighbor Hong Kong, Shenzhen is much more than soaring skyscrapers and shopping malls. The Nanshan mountains in Shekou provide beautiful views of the ocean. The area’s tranquillity and remoteness provide a striking contrast to the hustle and bustle of the city. Aside from Dameisha, a quieter beach spot is Xiaomeisha beach, which is situated further along the coast.

Another possible filming location is the Window of the World, which is a ‘mini-globe’ of sorts where you can find miniature replicas of the Eiffel tower, the Niagara falls and the leaning tower of Pisa. Mbrella Films will secure top filming locations in Shenzhen.

For inquiries about producing your next video production in the stunning Shenzhen, please feel free to reach out to us time by email, phone or through the contact form below. Our dedicated producers are always ready to answer your questions. Have a great day!

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