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Dongguan, located in the southern part of China’s Guangdong Province, is a dynamic and rapidly evolving city known for its vibrant economy, manufacturing prowess, and unique blend of modernity and tradition. The city also emerged as a notable hub for film production in recent years. Its strategic location within the Pearl River Delta economic zone, well-developed infrastructure, and supportive government policies have contributed to its growing reputation in the global film industry.

With our assistance at Mbrella Films and a strong network of local partners, you can gain access to all the necessary equipment and crew for your next film production in Dongguan. We offer comprehensive production services spanning from pre- to post-production, ensuring a smooth progression through each phase of filmmaking. Our team can additionally aid you in obtaining filming permits and provide support in discovering the ideal filming locations for your next production. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in bringing your upcoming film project to Dongguan.

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Filming Filming Locations in Dongguan, China

Dongguan’s distinct fusion of traditional and contemporary aspects, coupled with its cultural diversity, presents an array of promising filming locations. These encompass lively cityscapes, historical landmarks, traditional villages, cutting-edge infrastructure, and picturesque natural surroundings. These versatile settings can be effectively employed to cater to a myriad of purposes across various film genres.

Hongfu Road CBD

A great view of iconic skyscrapers in Hongfu Road CBD during the evening.

Hongfu Road Central Business District (CBD) is a modern urban area in Dongguan characterized by contemporary architecture, commercial spaces, and a bustling city atmosphere. The district’s sleek buildings and vibrant street life offer a versatile backdrop for various types of scenes, from business interactions and city life to dynamic urban settings which would suit any type of film production.

Keyuan Garden

A beautiful view of the ponds with traditional pavilions in Keyuan Garden during the sunset.

Keyuan Garden is a classic example of Lingnan-style garden architecture located in Dongguan. With its traditional pavilions, tranquil ponds, and meticulously landscaped gardens, Keyuan Garden provides an authentic and visually captivating location for scenes requiring a cultural and historical ambiance.

Dongguan Canal Bridge

A stunning look at the Dongguan Canal Bridge with the iconic red color of the bridge.

The Dongguan Canal Bridge is a significant architectural landmark that crosses the Dongjiang River. Its elegant design with an iconic red color and strategic location make it an interesting setting for scenes that involve travel, connectivity, or waterfront interactions. The bridge’s structural beauty and unique design can add depth to visual storytelling for your next film.

Nancheng Subdistrict

A picturesque view of Jiuzhaigou Valley in Sichuan looks suitable for any type of film production.

Nancheng Sundistrict is a vibrant urban area in Dongguan, renowned for its bustling commercial activity, expansive shopping districts, and vibrant streets. This location offers itself as an ideal backdrop for a range of urban scenes, perfectly capturing the dynamic essence of contemporary city life. From portraying shopping and dining experiences to illustrating social interactions, it serves as a perfect fit for modern filmmaking.

The Humen Pearl River Bridge

A skyline view of Shanghai with three of the city's iconic skyscrapers during golden hour.

The Humen Pearl River Bridge is a major suspension bridge connecting Dongguan and Guangzhou. With its impressive architecture and sweeping views of the Pearl River, the bridge can be utilized for scenes that emphasize connections, journeys, and grand panoramic shots, adding symbolic depth to the storytelling.

Film Equipment and Crew in Dongguan, China

All types of equipment and crew can be provided for filming in Dongguan by Mbrella Films.

At Mbrella Films, we’re equipped to offer you cutting-edge film equipment and a skilled professional crew for your upcoming film production in Dongguan. Our array of available equipment spans from standard gear to advanced camera options like ARRIs, REDs, and more. Our crew is fluent in English and boasts extensive experience across a spectrum of film genres, encompassing both domestic and international productions. Throughout your journey, our producer will be your point of contact, ensuring a seamless and exceptional experience collaborating with us.

Budget for Film Production in Dongguan, China

Budget is always a top consideration for any production, regardless of where you’re filming your next project. With us, you’ll receive an affordable rate for your production, complete with a detailed breakdown of the line budget at every step of the process. This ensures you have a clear understanding of your expenses and avoids any hidden costs along the way.

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