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With its unique blend of rich cultural heritage, picturesque landscapes, and modern infrastructure, Chengdu has become an appealing destination for filmmakers seeking diverse settings and resources for their projects. Mbrella Films is the leading production house in Chengdu that can offer you full-scale production services from pre- to post-production, ensuring the seamless transition between each stage of production.

Backed by highly experienced producers, crew members, and a full-scale production house, we are fully equipped to provide all the resources you require for your next film production in Chengdu. From securing necessary permits to overseeing the post-production process, we can manage every aspect of your production needs. If you’re considering bringing your next film production to Chengdu, don’t hesitate to reach out. We can assist in planning and executing your film project seamlessly. Alternatively, you can continue reading to explore some of the locations and equipment available in Chengdu.

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Filming Filming Locations in Chengdu, China

The city’s filming locations offer a rich array of possibilities for filmmakers aiming to capture the beauty of Chengdu and its surroundings. Whether for historical dramas, contemporary narratives, spiritual journeys, or nature-focused stories, Chengdu’s diverse landscapes and cultural heritage provide an expansive canvas to bring a variety of cinematic visions to life, regardless of genre or budget.

Chengdu Skyscrapers and Urban Centers

A magnificent view of the most iconic skyscraper in Chengdu around Tianfu Square.

Chengdu’s modern urban landscape boasts tall skyscrapers, lively commercial areas, and sleek contemporary architecture. From spots like Tianfu Square to bustling Chunxi Road and other urban hubs, the city provides a vibrant stage for modern stories. These locations perfectly capture the hustle of city life, corporate scenes, and the lively spirit of Chengdu’s contemporary culture, fitting seamlessly into any film genre.

The Anshun Bridge

The beautiful night landscape of the Anshun Bridge lights up with amazing reflection in the Yangtze River.

The Anshun Bridge, also recognized as the Yangtze River Cableway, stands out as a remarkable transport system stretching across Chengdu’s Yangtze River. Beyond its functional use, it doubles as an exceptional filming location. The cable car journey over the river presents awe-inspiring vistas of the city’s skyline and the river itself, making it a perfect choice for capturing aerial shots and picturesque landscapes.

Wuhou Temple

A unique red wall, surrounded by bamboo trees, with a crowd of people visiting the Wuhou Temple.

Wuhou Temple stands as a historical and cultural gem in Chengdu. This temple complex showcases traditional architecture, detailed wood carvings, and peaceful gardens. It’s a prime setting for filmmakers aiming to evoke the essence of ancient China, portray historical tales, and depict scenes imbued with spirituality or Confucian motifs. This location is especially well-suited for period films, capturing an authentic atmosphere that brings history to life.

Kuanzhai Alley

A picturesque view of Jiuzhaigou Valley in Sichuan looks suitable for any type of film production.

Kuanzhai Alley, popularly known as Wide and Narrow Alley, is a wonderfully preserved historical district in Chengdu. These alleys boast traditional-style structures, teahouses, shops, and vendors. This setting provides a canvas for illustrating historical backdrops, cultural stories, or moments infused with a nostalgic charm that beautifully mirrors the city’s rich cultural heritage.

The Leshan Giant Buddha

A magnificent view of the Leshan Giant Buddha, located not far from Chengdu.

Although the Leshan Giant Buddha is technically located outside Chengdu, it’s within a reasonable distance and can be included in your filming plans. The colossal statue carved into the rock face overlooking the confluence of rivers provides a stunning and unique backdrop for historical epics, adventure stories, and films with spiritual undertones.

Film Equipment and Crew in Chengdu, China

All film equipment and crew in Chengdu can be provided by us at Mbrella Films.

The crew at Mbrella Films boasts extensive experience in film production, having contributed to numerous projects both domestically and internationally. We offer top-of-the-line film equipment and comprehensive technical support, guaranteeing optimal results for your upcoming film production in Chengdu. Additionally, our dedicated producer will be present on-site to oversee the production process, effectively coordinating with our skilled film crew to ensure timely and budget-conscious completion of the project.

Budget for Film Production in Chengdu, China

At Mbrella Films, we prioritize transparency by providing a detailed breakdown of the line budget, ensuring that there are no hidden costs and that you are fully aware of the budget for your next film production in Chengdu. Contact us now via the form below to get your next film production started and take it to the next level.

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