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Tianjin, meaning ‘the place where the emperor crossed the river´, is one of the four municipalities in China. It’s a densely populated city with a current population of more than 13.5 million people and bears a wonderful historical background. Only 50 km from the sea, Tianjin is located in the north of China 120 km from Beijing which makes transporting equipment and filming resources from major production houses in Beijing fairly straightforward.

Tianjin is famous for its low costs of living and education, convenient public facilities, friendly citizens, and a harmonious environment that can be captured beautifully through the lens. China’s first institution of higher learning was set up in Tianjin with the municipality being one of the most important scientific and educational bases of the country. The country’s rapid economic progress and the government’s recent investments in the film industry have led to an increase in skilled and experienced crew members.

Mbrella Films facilitates all of your film / video production needs for setting up production in Tianjin. Please contact us at any time with inquiries, or requests for quotations via email, phone or through the contact form below. Keep reading to learn more about the full range of video production services we carry out in the superbly serene Tianjin.

Video Production Services Tianjin

Film Production Company Tianjin Video Production Services
Mbrella Films can provide locations, crew, equipment and everything necessary for shooting in Tianjin

From music videos and documentaries to corporate videos and event videos, video production has many types and each has its own specific purpose. Most companies will invest in corporate videos, viral marketing videos, social media video and television commercials (TVC). These types of videos are known to expand on their brand awareness as well as weave closer connections between the company and their customer base. Production size can vary drastically with some productions requiring a lot more planning, along with higher budgets and a larger crew. Crowdfunding videos are an example of video productions that will possibly take a more minimal approach. Nevertheless, every stage of production starting with pre-production ending in post is driven towards the same objective which is to tell the best story possible.

We, at Mbrella Films, take pride in being experts in film and video production. Our seasoned producers and filmmakers have created content for brands such as Apple, Nike, Google, Land Rover, Kayak, Hennesy and GoPro just to mention a few. Considerable planning is required so that we can cover all logistical concerns during this crucial early stage of pre-production. We take careful considerations during the planning process in order to guarantee the resounding success of every shoot.

In Tianjin, Mbrella Films have local fixers who are extremely knowledgeable of the city’s locations and resources. If you have any inquiries, please feel free to contact us via email, phone or by filling out a contact form below.

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Film Fixers Tianjin

Film Production Company Tianjin China Film Fixers
Fixers are extremely important and are responsible for scouting locations, procuring permits and crew and equipment services

Mbrella Films has film fixers with their boots firmly on the ground in the wonderful city of Tianjin. Film fixers are essentially the jacks of all trades. They are local experts who have knowledge of the local languages, rates and customs.

Film fixers take care of everything that needs to be done and this can include providing solutions when problems arise during the shooting process. They also have responsibilities extending to logistical processes such as providing lodging, dining and transportation. As mentioned, fixers prevent issues from pausing production. An experienced competent fixer affords directors, producers and production team members the chance to focus on their duties which allows space for the creative process to flourish.

Mbrella Film’s local Tianjin film fixers provide us with their far reaching network of contacts ensuring each video production is a resounding success. Keep reading as we delve into some of the incredible locations that our Tianjin fixers scout and manage.

Top Filming Locations in Tianjin

Film Production Company Tianjin Ferris Wheel Tianjin Eye
The only Ferris Wheel in the world to be built atop a bridge, the Tianjin Eye is the most notable attraction in Tianjin.

There are a number of superb locations in Tianjin, none more so than the Tianjin Eye, built on the Yongle Bridge. The Tianjin Eye is the tenth tallest Ferris wheel in the world and has become a famous attraction in this historic city. You can capture picturesque views of the entire city while riding on the ferris wheel. Tianjin’s architecture has been influenced by multiple countries, namely Italy, Germany, France, Great Britain, Russia, Austria, Japan and Belgium.

Another great location that offers breathtaking views of the cityscape is the Tianjin Radio and Television Tower. This 415.2 meter tall tower is used for communication primarily, but is notable for a few reasons which include the fact that it is the 8th tallest freestanding tower in the world and a member of the World Federation of Great Towers.

Haihe Cultural Square, located on the banks of the Haihe River, gained its name from the adjacent ancient culture street. The design exudes styles of grandeur, yet simplicity while maintaining a modern element. It has high-tech lighting that highlights the square making it the gleaming pearl of the river bank.

Film Production Company Tianjin Locations Haihe River
The city’s urban area is located along the Haihe River, which connects to the Yellow and Yangtze Rivers via Tianjin’s Grand Cana

The Haihe River, or the Hai river as it’s also known, is regarded as the ‘mother river’ of Tianjin. This winding river has been a great contributor to the growth of Tianjin. It is an unequivocal tie to the lives of people who have been living there for generations. People appreciate its scenic beauty as well as its cultural and historical atmosphere. It’s a highly important river in Northern China formed by the conflux of five rivers in Tianjin and offers a host of serene locations for filming.

For any inquiries about producing your next video production in the sublime Tianjin, please reach out to us at any time by email, phone or through the contact form below. Have a splendid day!

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