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Xi’an, known as Chang’an (the eternal city) in ancient times, is often referred to as the birthplace of the ancient Chinese civilization in the Yellow River Basin area. This historic city is the oldest of China’s Four Great Ancient Capitals, and has over 3,000 years of history including over 1,100 years as the capital city of ancient dynasties.

Mbrella Films is a top tier film and video production company with some of our returning clients including the likes of Google, Nike, Kayak, Land Rover, Pomelo, Hennesy, GoPro and Apple just to name a few. Each video production is planned carefully during the pre-production stage to ensure the shoot runs as smoothly as possible. Our film production company’s rigorous preparation guarantees the success of each shoot. Furthermore, the Chinese government has set up new tax incentives for visiting film productions, and with this new investment as well as the bounty of locations available, Xi’an is an ideal place for your next film!

Mbrella Films is able to take care of all your film and video production needs for shooting in Xi’an. This can include locations scouting, storyboarding, scripting, editing, crew and equipment hire. You can contact us at any time with questions, inquiries, or requests for quotations by emailing, phoning or contacting us via the form below. Keep reading as we dive into the wide range of exceptional video production services we provide in the incomparable Xi’an.

Video Production Services Xi’an

Film Production Company Xi_an Video Production Services
Mbrella Films has a network of experienced filmmakers in Xi’an who are experts in all types of video production

From corporate videos and social media videos to music videos or documentaries, video production comes in many forms with each type possessing their own purpose and process. Mbrella Films’ video production services encompass everything you need to create an outstanding video.

Social media videos, corporate videos, viral marketing videos and television commercials (TVC’s) are types of video productions companies will rely on early. This is due to the fact that these types of videos expand brand awareness and with a well produced cinematically shot video, audiences can connect with the company’s products or services on a deeper level. Social media and Youtube videos are also incredibly valuable for a wider audience reach. While some video productions require more detailed planning, higher budgets and more crew members, crowdfunding videos, for example, will benefit from a small production crew and a more minimalistic approach. Whatever the approach, every stage of production requires careful planning and implementation. From pre-production, through shooting to post-production, the goal is always to tell the best story!

Mbrella’s film producers have a network of local Xi’an fixers who have thorough knowledge of the city’s procedures and locations.

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Film Fixers Xi’an

Film Production Company Xi_an Film Fixers
An experienced fixer is valuable to any video production with responsibilities like scouting and managing locations, and securing permits

In Xi’an, Mbrella Films has a network of film fixers who take care of everything that’s necessary to ensure production goes over smoothly. Their wide scope of work makes them the jack of all trades for film production companies

These local fixers are experts in the local languages, rates and customs. Other responsibilities a fixer has entails taking care of of logistical processes such as dining, lodging and transportation for visiting productions. Beyond that they also “fix” problems when they inevitably happen during production. Experienced film fixers afford directors, producers and production team members the luxury of focusing on their tasks at hand. This in turn allows the creative process to prosper.

Our local film fixers in Xi’an guarantee every video production is a total success. Read on as we dive into the awe-inspiring locations our Xi’an fixers can scout and secure.

Top Fiming Locations in Xi’an

Film Production Company Xi_an Locations Terracotta Army
The Terracotta Army was built as an afterlife guard to accompany the tomb of China's First Emperor

No conversation or piece of writing on Xi’an would be complete without discussing ‘The Terracotta Army’ which isn’t just Xi’an’s foremost sight. It has long been one of the most famous archaeological finds in the history of the world. There are thousands upon thousands of incredibly detailed life-size Terracotta soldier models that represent the guard troops of the first emperor – Qin Shi Huang which were molded in parts, fired, then put together and painted.

The discovery of the army of warriors was completely unanticipated and today offers some of the greatest insights we have had into the world of ancient China . In 1974, peasants who were drilling a well uncovered an underground vault that eventually led to the discovery of thousands of Terracotta soldiers and horses in battle formation. Over the years, the site has become so famous that many of its unusual attributes are now famous, such as the fact that no two soldier’s faces are the same. The site was also featured in Hollywood blockbuster ‘The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor’.

Film Production Company Xi_an Locations Xi_an City Walls
Along the wall’s route, you’ll be able to gaze over the city and capture the perceptible blend of the old and new

Xi’an is one of the few cities in China where the spectacular old city walls still stand. These walls were built in 1370 during the Ming dynasty and the imposing 12 meter high walls are surrounded by a dry moat forming a perimeter of 14km. A lot of sections have been restored or rebuilt with access ramps located inside the major gates, with the exception of the South Gate, where the entrance is outside the walls. There’s another entrance inside the walls next to the Forest of Stelae Museum.

For inquiries about bringing your next film and video production to the historic Xi’an, please contact us any time by email, phone or via our contact form below. Mbrella Film’s producers are on constant standby to answer all of your questions. We would gladly relish the opportunity to work with you on your next video production in Xi’an.

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