Amgen “Paper Hearts” – Animation

Amgen “Paper Hearts” – Corporate Video

  • Client – Amgen
  • Brand – Amgen
  • Executive Producer – Joshua Dixon
  • Producer – Arthur Boon
  • Director / Writer – Arthur Boon

Background / Story behind the scenes

In August 2019, AMGEN contacted Mbrella Films to create an engaging informative animation about FH – Familial Hypercholesterolemia. The goal was to create a creative campaign that was appealing to both children and adults. For this project, Mbrella Films provided the creative and also executed the project from the beginning to the end.

Moreover, Mbrella Films worked on the media agency part of the Integrated Marketing Campaign by creating print work such as brochures, booklets, X-Stands, posters, and tote bag designs for the client use during their events.

Amgen Print Work

X Stand Design

AM-Gen X-Stand

Brochure Design

Poster Design


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