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Myanmar, a Southeast Asian nation known for its breathtaking beauty and rich cultural heritage, is quickly becoming a sought-after destination for filmmakers. With landscapes ranging from ancient temples like Bagan to lush jungles and pristine coastlines, Myanmar offers a unique and captivating backdrop for any film or video production.

Mbrella Films is your trusted partner for filming in Myanmar. We have extensive experience navigating the country and assembling the perfect crew and equipment to bring your vision to life. Whether you dream of capturing the ethereal glow of sunrise over Bagan’s pagodas, the vibrant energy of Yangon’s markets, or the serene landscapes of Inle Lake, our local expertise ensures you find the ideal filming locations.

Our teams are composed of passionate and skilled Myanmar filmmakers dedicated to exceeding your expectations. We combine their talent with state-of-the-art equipment to guarantee a smooth and efficient filming experience in Myanmar.

Contact our producer to discuss your project and explore the possibilities!

Our Clients

Popular Types of Video Productions

We understand the unique needs of your Myanmar video project. Mbrella Films offers a comprehensive range of services, catering to every aspect of your production in this captivating country. With years of experience navigating the intricacies of filming in Myanmar, we ensure your vision is flawlessly delivered.

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Branded Content Video Production

Branded content video production is a strategic marketing technique that utilizes engaging narratives to entertain, educate, or inspire viewers. These stories are cleverly crafted to seamlessly integrate a brand’s message, values, or products into the content, fostering a positive association between the viewer and the brand without feeling overly promotional.

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TVC video production specializes in crafting high-impact, bite-sized videos specifically designed to capture viewers’ attention during commercial breaks. These concise commercials deliver a clear and memorable message about a brand, product, or service within a limited timeframe, making them a powerful tool for brand awareness and product promotion.

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Commercial Video Production

Commercial video production is the art of transforming products, services, and brands into compelling narratives. These strategically designed videos captivate audiences across various platforms, including television, online advertising, and social media. By fostering emotional connections and brand awareness, commercial video production plays a crucial role in driving business growth.

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Animation Video Production

Animation video production unlocks the power of imagination, bringing concepts to life through captivating visuals. This versatile approach utilizes animated characters, illustrations, or even computer-generated imagery to craft compelling stories. Animation transcends limitations of traditional filmmaking, engaging a broad spectrum of audiences and effectively communicating messages for diverse purposes.

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Motion Graphics Video Production

Motion graphics video production is the art of weaving together graphic design and animation to create visually stunning and informative stories. This dynamic approach utilizes text, shapes, and eye-catching effects to transform complex ideas into engaging narratives. By grabbing viewers’ attention and leaving a lasting impression, motion graphics video production is a powerful tool for clear communication and impactful storytelling.

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Corporate Video Production

Corporate video production crafts targeted videos to inform, educate, or engage internal and external audiences. From company profiles and training materials to product demos and presentations, these videos strengthen communication with employees, clients, and stakeholders.

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Viral Marketing Video Production

Viral marketing video production is the art of crafting contagious content. These videos aim to spark a wildfire of online sharing through humor, emotional connection, or unique ideas. By capturing viewers’ imaginations, they become active participants in spreading the message, propelling the video towards viral fame.

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Live-stream Video Production

Live-stream video production brings events, conferences, or performances to life in real-time. It allows remote audiences to participate and connect through comments and interactions. This creates a dynamic and immersive experience, fostering a sense of community even when viewers are miles apart.

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Behind the Scenes Video Production

Behind-the-scenes videos offer an exclusive glimpse into the creative process. These productions showcase the dedication, talent, and teamwork required to bring a project from concept to completion, revealing the inner workings of a company or the creation of another video.

Locations in Myanmar For Video Production

Myanmar’s captivating landscapes beckon filmmakers seeking a unique and breathtaking backdrop. Journey from the mystical temples of Bagan, where ancient pagodas pierce the sunrise like a crown of gold, to the enchanting Shwedagon Pagoda, a glittering beacon bathed in the ethereal glow of nighttime, a glittering beacon overlooking Yangon’s vibrant energy. Explore the ethereal beauty of Hpa-an’s limestone karst formations jutting from emerald waters or delve into the lush rainforests of Nyaung U, teeming with hidden treasures.

Equipment and Crew in Myanmar for Video Production

Mbrella Films boasts a comprehensive equipment arsenal, from workhorse essentials to high-end options, all readily available for local pick-up. Our multilingual crews, seasoned in Myanmar productions, skillfully handle any video project, big or small, to flawlessly translate your vision into reality. Throughout your Myanmar shoot, our dedicated producers stand by your side. With a proven track record collaborating with diverse clients and video styles, they ensure a smooth and meticulously planned production. Trust Mbrella Films – your Myanmar video production is in expert hands.

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24-Hour Quotation for Video Production

At Mbrella Films, we prioritize open communication and informed decision-making. For your Myanmar video production, our English-speaking producers meticulously craft a comprehensive line budget breakdown, fostering transparency every step of the way. This detailed roadmap breakdown costs, eliminating surprises and empowering you with the knowledge to make confident choices.

Contact Mbrella Films today! We’re excited to bring your Myanmar video production to success.

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