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With over 15 years of experience with video production in Indonesia, we have been established as a top video production company in the industry here. We are very well-equipped to take on productions of any size, thanks to your English-Speaking producers who are swift and transparent with communication from start to finish. Every detail is brought to life with our in-depth creative process that helps any brand communicate with their buyers. From state-of-the-art gear to advanced production techniques, we have developed a streamlined process for any production we take on. Talk to a producer now and get a detailed quotation of all your costs within 24 hours!

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Popular Types of Video Productions

Mbrella Films covers all types of video productions you may need. Providing coverage from Pre all the way through post-production, we have already defined a pipeline for your production journey. Hassle-free for your brand or end-clients. Explore some types of videos we offer below. If you can’t find what you are looking for, reach out today and a producer will forward you any video production work you would like to see.

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Branded Content Video Production

When it comes to telling a compelling story to your audience in order to help push them on that last stretch of the buying decision field, we are here to help. With a proper video to communicate and illustrate visually your brand’s values, products, or services while providing entertaining content.

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While this sits on the higher side of quality-content, we are very well-equipped and well experienced with large scaled TVC and Advertisement shoots. Tailored for agencies and their end clients, we are ready to work with you during the creative process to execute this production with you.

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Commercial Video Production

With commercial video production you are able to communicate your brand or client’s brand through various platforms like online advertising, social merchandising, and digital marketing campaigns. These videos are strategically crafted to engage audiences, increase brand awareness, and drive business success.

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Animation Video Production

When it comes to creating infographic animations or visualizing compelling stories to be communicated clearly through visuals, we have a strong foundation. With out in-house post-production team specializing in building worlds, animating characters, illustrations, or creating computer-generated graphics, we stand out.

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Motion Graphics Video Production

With motion graphics in your video production, this seals your message in the video with supporting elements. These elements can be animated elements, typography and/or visual effects added to your video production to enhance the message and story being told. By having a video blended with graphic design principles, this creates engaging and visually dynamic content that captivates your viewers.

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Corporate Video Production

Often times, corporations need to communicate 2 different ways. Top level management teams want to motivate their employees, or even wanting to communicate to external individuals. The whole purpose behind these types of videos is to inform, educate, or engage employees, clients, or stakeholders. These videos can include company profiles, training videos, product demonstrations, or presentations.

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Viral Marketing Video Production

Viral marketing video production involves the creation of videos that are specifically designed to generate widespread attention and engagement through social sharing. These videos often employ humor, emotional appeal, or unique concepts to encourage viewers to share the content virally.

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Live-stream Video Production

Live-stream video production is mostly used for broadcasting events, conferences, or performances in real time. This service enables audiences to participate remotely and engage with the content through comments and interactions, creating an interactive and immersive experience.

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Behind the Scenes Video Production

Behind the scenes video production provides a unique look at the creation of a production or the inner workings of a company. These videos offer an exclusive glimpse into the creative process, highlighting the dedication, talent, and collaborative efforts involved in bringing a project to life.

Locations in Indonesia For Video Production

Indonesia has nothing but the best to offer with its diverse landscapes, from the dramatic vistas of active volcanoes and the surfers’ paradise of Uluwatu to the historic grandeur of Dutch colonial architecture and the ancient Prambanan Temple. The secluded mountain village of Wae Rebo adds a touch of cultural richness, making Indonesia a treasure trove of visually stunning locations for any production.

Equipment and Crew in Indonesia for Video Production

In Indonesia, all your video productions are elevated with just the crew alone. With endless hours of experience working on international productions, the local crew have first-hand experience training with industry professionals, the best of the best. Aside from the English-Speaking Crew members, you will have access to high-end gear for your production. Allowing us to facilitate swiftly and efficiently for all productions. This alone makes Indonesia an ideal destination for your next video production.

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24-Hour Quotation for Video Production

Our Producers work fast and respond instantly. We are committed to getting you a detailed breakdown quotation of your production with 100% transparency. With all the line items accounted for on your production, we assure you that your production will be streamlined from start to finish. Talk to a producer now and get a quote in 24 hours!

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