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Ukraine isn’t just a beautiful filming destination; it’s a breeding ground for cinematic talent. The Ukrainian director’s recent success with “The 50 Days of Mariupol” that won the 2024 Academy Award for Best Documentary, is a testament to the country’s thriving film industry. Mbrella Film is known for being a trusted partner with full scale production services in Ukraine from scrap ideas of concepts to visually stunning masterpieces on screen.

More than 15 years of establishment, we have countless projects under our belts with backed proven records so you can ensure the highest quality for your films, movies or advertisements even.

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Popular types of Post-Production services in Ukraine

post production services ukraine popular types of post production services
Color Grading is the most popular post-production service in Ukraine.

In recent years, Ukraine has actively developed cinematography and made its debut at international film festivals and continuously made contributions to world cinema produced by talented professionals. The mentioned below are their popular services when it comes to post-production:

Color Grading

This goes beyond simple color correction. In the hands of a skilled colorist, it becomes a storytelling tool. During the editing process, scenes are assembled into a narrative, but color grading adds emotional depth and sets the mood. By carefully crafting the color palette, world-class colorists enhance the visual aesthetics on screen, making the story even more impactful.


We possess the latest technology and software to create stunning CGI and VFX elements. This ensures realistic and believable effects that elevate the storytelling and immerse viewers in your commercials or narratives.

Video Editing

Skilled editing can elevate even a modestly budgeted project. Our editors are masters at concealing imperfections, tightening sequences, and creating a polished final product that feels professional and engaging.

Mbrella Films can transform your raw footage into a cinematic masterpiece. We offer a complete suite of full scale production services, meticulously crafting every frame to bring your story to life. From immersive sound design and mixing to precise color grading and final mastering, our team is dedicated to exceeding your vision.

Talented Artists

Our team of post-production all-stars bring your vision to life. At Mbrella Films, we have a global network of highly skilled artists, each specializing in their craft. Whether you need color grading wizards or sound design masters, we’ll find the perfect fit for your project. All our English-speaking artists and producers boast extensive experience collaborating with international clients, ensuring seamless communication and a deep understanding of your creative needs. Their passion for storytelling and meticulous attention to detail guarantee exceptional results for every commercial or narrative.


Over 15 years of experience crafting cinematic excellence at competitive rates. Mbrella Films is your one-stop shop for full-scale production services. We believe in transparency, so you’ll receive a detailed budget breakdown in 24-hours. Let’s discuss your vision and how we can bring it to life – contact us today.

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