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In recent years, there are signs of a revival in Senegalese cinema. A new generation of filmmakers is emerging, fueled by a growing demand for local content. The rise of online streaming platforms like Marodi, which focuses on Senegalese TV series and films, has provided a new outlet for filmmakers and broadened the audience for Senegalese stories. Mbrella Films, a leading post-production company with over 10 years of experience, can be your partner in bringing your vision to life. We offer comprehensive support, from pre-production planning to final delivery.

Our team of English-speaking specialists and producers are more than just post-production experts – they’re passionate collaborators. We thrive on working with filmmakers to tell their stories with the highest quality. We’re available 24/7 to discuss your project and provide a free quote.

Don’t wait to turn your vision into a cinematic masterpiece. Contact Mbrella Films today! We’re here to help you take your story to the world.

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Popular types of Post-Production services in Senegal

post production services senegal popular types of post production services
Mbrella Films provide an exceptional editing service along with other post-production services.

For over a decade, Mbrella Films has been a leading force in post-production, empowering filmmakers worldwide to unlock their full potential. We transcend borders, partnering with international creators to deliver exceptional services at competitive rates. Our team of passionate, English-speaking experts are your bridge to a seamless post-production experience. We collaborate closely, regardless of location, to bring your creative vision to life on a global stage.

Video Editing

Our expert editors are more than technicians; they’re storytellers. They meticulously combine every element – from stunning visuals to powerful effects and thematic coherence – to craft a video that resonates deeply with your target audience.

Color Grading

Transform your video into a captivating visual experience. Our highly trained color correction and grading specialists don’t just adjust colors; they use their expertise to create a look that will grab your audience’s attention and immerse them in your story.


Our visual effects team crafts captivating 3D visuals, from meticulously rendered textures like skin, fur, and fabric to realistic reflections and dynamic movements of liquids, muscles, and hair. No detail escapes their attention, and we’re happy to fulfill even your unique requests. The impact of visual effects is undeniable. It grabs your audience’s attention and immerses them in your story.

Mbrella Films’ cutting-edge remote workflow keeps you connected to our post-production experts throughout your project, regardless of location. Our remote workflow empowers you to stay in control every step of the way. You’ll have clear communication and efficient project management, ensuring your masterpiece aligns perfectly with your artistic goals.

Partner with Mbrella Films, don’t let location limitations hinder your vision. Contact us today and experience the power of a seamless remote collaboration.

Talented Artists

At Mbrella Films, we believe filmmaking is a collaborative journey. Our team goes beyond post-production to become your trusted partner. We collaborate seamlessly with you, guiding you through every stage – from pre-production planning to final delivery. Together, we’ll ensure every detail is meticulously crafted, resulting in a stunning masterpiece that fulfills your artistic goals.


For over a decade, Mbrella Films has garnered a global reputation for exceeding expectations in post-production. We empower filmmakers worldwide with exceptional services and competitive rates, ensuring your project receives the attention it deserves without breaking the bank. Our commitment to transparency goes beyond just pricing. We provide a clear, detailed breakdown of your project budget, including potential tax incentives available to you. This empowers you to make informed decisions with confidence, knowing you’re getting award-winning expertise alongside exceptional value.

Don’t settle for anything less than your vision deserves. Schedule your free consultation today and let’s bring your creative vision to life.

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