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Mongolia boasts more than just breathtaking scenery. The government actively supports its burgeoning film industry, providing filmmakers with resources and fostering a skilled post-production community. This translates to acclaimed films like “If Only I Could Hibernate,” the first Mongolian film selected for the prestigious Cannes Film Festival in 2023. At Mbrella Films, we leverage this Mongolian advantage for your project, regardless of location. With over 10 years of experience, we’re a leading post-production company offering comprehensive services.

Our team of English-speaking producers and talented crews will seamlessly navigate you through the entire post-production process, ensuring a successful outcome. We’re available 24/7 to provide a smooth experience, transforming your project into a polished final product.

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Popular types of Post-Production services in Mongolia

post production services mongolia popular types of post production services
Mongolia’s most popular post-production service is video editing.

For over a decade, Mbrella Films has transcended borders, providing exceptional post-production services to international clients. Our passionate team of experts collaborates seamlessly to breathe life into your creative vision, no matter where you’re located.

Video Editing

Our editors are more than technicians; they’re master storytellers. With meticulous attention to detail, they meticulously craft your raw footage into a captivating narrative. They ensure seamless flow and forge a deep emotional connection with your audience, leaving a lasting impression.

Color Grading

Our colorists aren’t just technicians; they’re visual storytellers. They wield their expertise like an artist’s brush, crafting stunning visuals that transcend aesthetics. They set the mood, elevate the atmosphere, and evoke emotions that resonate deeply with your audience, making your project truly captivating.

Sound and Audio

Our sound designers are architects of immersion. They craft captivating soundscapes that elevate your film beyond the screen. We utilize a library of professional sound effects, weave in original music compositions, and perform meticulous dialogue mixing to create a sonic experience that draws your audience in and leaves them feeling like part of the story.

Location doesn’t limit your vision. Our cutting-edge remote workflow empowers seamless collaboration with our post-production experts, from initial concept to final delivery. Our dedicated team will be your trusted partner throughout the entire process, ensuring your creative vision is brought to life with exceptional quality.

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Talented Artists

We’re more than just a post-production company; we’re a collaborative hub of passionate storytellers and expert technicians. Our fluent English-speaking producers will work closely with you from concept to final masterpiece, ensuring every step of the filmmaking journey is seamless and inspiring. Together, we’ll transform your vision into a reality that stuns audiences and leaves a lasting impact.


Over a decade of experience has equipped us to deliver exceptional post-production services, tailored to your specific needs. We understand that budget is a key consideration, which is why we offer competitive rates and transparent pricing from the very start. Detailed budget breakdowns ensure you make informed decisions every step of the way.

Partner with Mbrella Films for seamless post-production that exceeds expectations. Contact us today and let’s transform your vision into reality.

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