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The beautiful country of Madagascar is the fourth-largest island in the world and home to some of the world’s most astonishing creatures ever discovered. The island is native to iconic baobab trees, spiny dry forests, rainforests, and a tropical coastline. Filmmakers choose Madagascar as their filming destination for documentaries, films, commercials, and series due to its biodiversity and friendly people. Post-production services in Madagascar are on a steady rise and Mbrella Films is here to help you with your post-production needs.

Mbrella Films has a team of elite post-production specialists with intimate knowledge of the tools used in the industry. We proudly offer remote production services, ensuring your project adheres to your timeline and brand identity. We’ll keep you informed during every step of the process.

Choose Mbrella Films as your premium post-production service house, powered by top industry professionals. Get in touch with a producer today and bring your vision to life.

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Popular types of Post-Production services in Madagascar

post production services madagascar popular types of post production services
Sound design and mixing are an in-demand service in Madagascar.

Our team of English-speaking specialists is ready to assist with your post-production needs in Madagascar. Proficient in industry-standardized software, Malagasy artists are highly skilled and sought-after in post-production whether you’re looking for an adept sound designer, video editor, or color grader. Having collaborated with local and international projects, our team brings forth a pool of experience, boosting your videos to the next level, and on par with some of the best minds in show business.

Sound Design and Mixing

The importance of sound cannot be understated. Malagasy sound designers and mixing artists are desirable in Madagascar, whether for documentaries, commercials, films, or series. The role of a sound designer creates an ambiance, suited for the project, and the mixer adjusts the quality of the sound, such as enhancing interviews, and maximizes the overall impact of the message. Don’t let bad sound mixing dull your message; let Mbrella Films boost and deliver high-quality audio for optimal results.

Video Editing

A skilled video editor can create a compelling story from raw footage. With meticulous attention to detail, our Malagasy video editors select footage to build a story, omit unnecessary scenes, and add masterful transitions, ensuring each scene flows cohesively from one scene to the next. Our editors are masters of their craft, working on hundreds of projects and ensuring all stories are told the way they were envisioned.

Color Grading

Whether you’re looking for a professional color grader, Mbrella Films has a roster of professional color graders to make your project pop! The role of a color grader is to ensure the final product reflects your brand identity and voice, utilizing professional color grading suites. Our experts are experienced in color grading work on TVCs and Ads, beauty, feature films, TV series, and more.

Mbrella Films provides comprehensive post-production services, elevating your project in the way you imagined it. We employ state-of-the-art tools, delivering outstanding results at affordable, competitive rates. Furthermore, once you’ve completed production with us, we offer a special discount on our post-production services. Act now!

Talented Artists

Our team of proficient Malagasy artists stands at the forefront of post-production excellence, delivering quality work over 10 years. From small-scale projects to multi-million dollar projects, we can elevate raw footage into a compelling work of art, ready for distribution across any platform.


Trusted by clients worldwide, our elite team brings over 10 years of post-production experience to your project. Mbrella Fims stands as a premium post-production service house with affordable rates and is staffed with a team of English-speaking talents with various industry experiences. Reach out to us today and receive a 24-hour detailed quotation from our producers. Your project is our priority. Let’s collaborate!

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