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Liberia offers more than just stunning landscapes. While the government’s support for the film industry is still developing, there’s a growing energy and a pool of talented filmmakers creating impactful stories. This is evident in acclaimed documentaries like “The Land Beneath Our Feet,” which unearthed hidden footage to shed light on Liberian history. At Mbrella Films, we understand the power of visual narratives. With over 10 years of experience, we are a leading post-production company dedicated to collaborating with filmmakers to bring their visions to life. We leverage our expertise and global network to ensure your project achieves the highest quality, regardless of location.

Our team of experienced English-speaking producers and skilled crews will guide you effortlessly through every stage of post-production. We prioritize clear communication and collaboration to ensure your vision is meticulously translated into a polished final product.

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Popular types of Post-Production services in Liberia

post production services liberia popular types of post production services
Video editing is the most popular post-production in Liberia.

For over a decade, Mbrella Films has erased borders when it comes to exceptional post-production. Our team of passionate experts collaborates seamlessly, wherever you are in the world. We bring your creative vision to life, transforming your project into a masterpiece with global impact.

Video Editing

With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of emotional connection, our editors craft narratives that resonate with audiences. Every edit is intentional, designed to create a seamless flow and forge a powerful bond between your project and viewers.

Color Grading

Our colorists utilize advanced color grading techniques to not just create stunning visuals, but to establish a film’s emotional core. By manipulating light, color, and detail, they set the mood, elevate the atmosphere, and evoke emotions that resonate deeply with your audience.


Our sound designers are sonic architects. They employ advanced audio mixing techniques, they ensure crystal-clear dialogue that cuts through the soundscape, keeping your audience fully engaged.

Despite the distance, you receive the same award-winning expertise and meticulous attention to detail as our local clients. Our established remote collaboration tools ensure a smooth and efficient post-production journey. We prioritize clear and consistent communication, keeping you informed and involved throughout the entire project.

Stop location from limiting your vision. Contact Mbrella Films today and unlock the potential of global post-production excellence for your film or commercial project.

Talented Artists

Mbrella Films is your partner in transforming your vision into a cinematic masterpiece. Our team fuses storytelling passion with unparalleled expertise in editing, color grading, sound design and all your post-production needs. Dedicated English-speaking producers guide you seamlessly through every stage of post-production, keeping you informed and inspired.


Mbrella Films delivers award-winning post-production for over a decade. We deliver exceptional value for your project, with competitive rates and transparent pricing. Our commitment to transparency goes beyond pricing. We provide a clear breakdown of your budget, including potential tax incentives. This empowers you to make informed decisions with confidence, knowing you’re getting exceptional value alongside award-winning expertise.

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