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Post-Production Services in Bulgaria

Bulgaria has emerged as a thriving hub for post-production, offering world-class facilities, a talented workforce, competitive costs, and a supportive environment for both local and international productions. Mbrella Films, as the top production company in Bulgaria, can provide you with all the mentioned services with a guarantee of efficient work by our world-class artists. We specialize in offering full-scale production services from pre-production to post-production, ensuring a seamless transition between each stage.

Our state-of-the-art facilities provide you with the opportunity to collaborate with our artists in real time, ensuring efficient communication throughout the project. Additionally, we have experienced producers with over a decade of experience in film production who can guide you through the post-production process. Whether you are based in Bulgaria or not, contact us now to elevate your post-production stage to the next level.

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Popular types of Post-Production services in Bulgaria

post production services bulgaria popular types of post production services
Bulgarian post-productions excel in providing top-notch editing services for various types of videos.

Bulgarian post-production companies offer a wide range of services to meet the diverse needs of the global film and television industry. These services encompass various aspects of the post-production process, including editing, sound design, visual effects (VFX), animation, color grading, and more. With Mbrella Films handling your project, you can ensure that your project will be done with the highest standards while keeping it within budget. Notable films such as “The Expendables,” “London Has Fallen,” and “Hellboy” all utilized some of the post-production services, including VFX, sound design, color grading, and more from Bulgarian post-production companies.


Our team of skilled editors collaborates closely with directors and producers to shape the story, refine pacing, and create a seamless flow. Using industry-standard editing software, they manipulate and enhance the visuals to ensure that the scenes are effectively connected and the story unfolds in a captivating manner.

Visual Effects (VFX)

Visual effects are an essential aspect of modern filmmaking, allowing filmmakers to create stunning and imaginative visuals that go beyond the limitations of practical effects and physical environments. Bulgarian post-production companies, including us at Mbrella Films excel in providing exceptional VFX services, leveraging cutting-edge software and technology.

Sound Design and Mixing

Sound design is a critical component of post-production that adds depth, atmosphere, and emotion to a production. Skilled sound designers at Mbrella Films work closely with the creative team to craft a rich and immersive sonic experience that enhances storytelling and engages the audience on an auditory level.

At Mbrella Films, we know that all the post-production services are equally important. That’s why we also offer other services, such as color grading, finishing, and mastering. All of the services will be done by world-class artists with expertise in their specific fields. Additionally, our reasonable price services can help you save costs on post-production services while keeping the result of work at the highest quality. Reach out now and learn more about our discount on post-production services if you want full-scale production services with us at Mbrella Films.

Talented Artists

Mbrella Films can provide you with world-class artists with expertise in their specific fields of post-production services to help elevate your post-production to the next level. They not only have creative vision but also attention to detail and passion for their craft which would be an advantage in crafting your post-production work. Rest assured that your project will be in good hands with our artists at Mbrella Films.


Our producers will break down your line budget at every step of the process, ensuring that you know where your money is going throughout the post-production process. This process will make sure transparency and no hidden costs while working with us at Mbrella Films. Contact us now if you’re looking for post-production services in Bulgaria.

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