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Vietnam is an exciting country, known for it’s motorbike filled streets and locally grown coffee. It remains a top choice for filming in Asia due to the amount of crew, locations, and equipment available. If you would like more information please get in touch by filling out our form below or a phone call.

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Vietnam has some of the top production houses available in the region. Most tend to specialize in a specific type of production, such as feature films, documentaries, or TVCs, as well as very specific types of technical equipment (Phantom High Speed Cameras, Bolt motion control systems etc…)


Vietnam has some of the most amazing locations you could imagine possible! From Hanoi in the north to the uniquely shaped islands of Ha Long Bay, further to the south the capital city of Ho Chi Minh and the Sand Dunes in the east. All possess very different characteristics and looks from one another. These are some of the most diverse you can find in a single country in Asia.


The film crews in Vietnam are really great. You can find anyone from fixers to line producers,  technically trained positions also for tabletop SFX and mechanics, Directors and DOPS. There is a fair amount of Foreign directors actually available in the region, this brings A LOT of international work to Vietnam and it’s surrounding countries.

With film equipment it is the same thing. There are many options available, including all of the major brands of camera, lighting and grip, such as ARRI, Red, Sony, MF&E, Grip Factory Munich, Technocrane, Phantom High Speed Cameras and so much more.

Again if you are considering shooting in Vietnam, it is a great choice for any type of production. We would love to help out, please do get in touch and let us know how we can help.