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With 4 official languages, Singapore is a large hot pot mix of many different cultures. Singapore offers great support for productions based on many different types of genres, such as documentaries, feature films, TVC, and music videos. Singapore also offers a large amount of post production. If you would be interested in shooting in Singapore, we would love for you to get in touch with our producer there.

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Singapore has some of the top options for Production Houses in South East Asia. Most of the production houses will also offer creative services, acting as the agency and production house combined. You will find that most of the production house serve 2 types of clients, Foreign and Mandarin language, with the latter serving only Chinese Singapore content audiences.


Singapore has an amazing city vibe. Quite a few auto commercials are regularly shot here due to the easy regulations and permitting inside the city. Other locations include the Marina Bay Sands hotel, multiple coastal islands, urban parks, China Town, Little India many rooftops, and many other colonial dated buildings that provide a unique backdrop alongside smart proper production.


The film crews in Singapore are knowledgeable, smart, and very dependable. Most are freelance and are able to work in multiple departments. Many foreign DOPs, Directors, Producers and production managers call Singapore their home.

Equipment rental in Singapore is very similar to Western Europe and the US, most houses allow dry-hire as long as the proper insurance requirements are met. All major camera, lighting and gear are available in Singapore, ARRI, Red, MGF etc…

If you are considering Singapore as a shooting destination, we would love to send you a line budget or quotation. Please feel free to reach out to us and we will get in touch asap!