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The small and quaint country in North Borneo is home to spectacular natural landscapes, a lush biosphere, and recognizable, opulent golden-domed mosques. Brunei’s rich history and limitless natural wonders attract filmmakers to film and create captivating content. Although Brunei’s film industry isn’t as fast-paced as the rest of Southeast Asia, Brunei is experiencing a steady rise in post-production specialists. Our specialists use state-of-the-art tools and software to create masterful videos for broadcast or global streaming platforms.

Post-production is your first step in transforming average videos into a statement piece. At Mbrella Films, we provide an extensive range of post-production and remote production services at competitive rates. Powered by creative professionals, we stick to strict deadlines and brand guidelines and deliver extraordinary results.

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Popular types of Post-Production services in Brunei

post production services brunei popular types of post production services
Video editing is rising as one of the most in-demand post-production services in Brunei.

Mbrella Films is a full-service production company with post-production services catered to any project size. Whether you require video editing, sound work, color grading, or more, our team is ready to jump on board. Our English-speaking Brunein team strictly follows your brand guidelines and with a pinch of creativity, refine the raw footage and transform it into a spectacular video.

Video Editing

We can transform raw footage into and manipulate it according to your vision. With years of honing their craft, Mbrella Films editors can handle any project, using top-tier professional tools and software to craft a compelling story with seamless transitions. With years of video editing experience, our editors are ready to take on the challenge of creating impactful videos and highlighting your brand.


Mbrella Films sound engineers use a variety of tools and techniques to enhance the sound in your project. Sound plays a large role in controlling the audience’s emotional responses. Our sound mixers masterfully add sound effects, music, and voices to elevate the overall feel of your video.

Color Grading

Mbrella Films colorists are seasoned veterans in different areas such as films, TVCs, films, series, beauty, and much more! Highly trained and experienced, our colorists ensure colors are optimized scene-to-scene, commonly correcting white balance values, enhancing facial coloration, and improving overall visual attractiveness for broadcasting or streaming platforms.

Our diverse team of post-production experts is ready to take your project to the next level. Choose us to help you with video editing, sound work, color grading, or other post-production services; we are more than happy to assist you! We believe in delivering high-quality, exceptional work with a quick turnaround time, ensuring your brand stands out on every platform.

Talented Artists

Mbrella Films doesn’t have just a team of just post-production staff; we have a cohesive unit of specialized talents who excel in what they do. Employing industry-standardized tools, each member brings forth their creativity, experience, and skill sets to create projects made to astonish. No two projects are alike. At Mbrella Films, we believe in going above and beyond your expectations.


Our producers are ready to jump on board with you at your earliest convenience. Reach out to us today and receive a detailed line budget proposal within 24 hours. With competitive rates and a multi-talented team of industry professionals, our brand is trusted by corporate brands worldwide as their choice partner in all-inclusive post-production services.

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