Pomelo Fashion | “Spring Summer 2020” – Advertisement

Pomelo Fashion | “Spring Summer 2020”

  • Client – Pomelo Fashion
  • Brand – POMELO
  • Executive Producer – Joshua Dixon
  • Producer – Arthur Boon
  • Director – Bruno Mioto
  • Production Manager – So’ Anon Sumrulhan
  • Cinematographer – Roman Koval 
  • Editor – Lester Olayer
  • Colorist – Little Bee Lab
  • Sound Mix & Design – Apollo Sound Lab
  • Music Composing – Atomix Clubbing Studio
  • Visual Effects Artist – Yuttana Suntivong

Background / Story Behind the Shoot:

Mbrella Films provided production services to Pomelo Fashion’s Spring Summer 2020 Advertisement from beginning to end.

Pre-Production including finding pitching and acquiring American DOP Roman Koval. Finding several filming locations that were to look like Miami, Florida. Production included 2 filming dates, one for still shooting and one for video shooting. During production, Mbrella Films accommodated several local and international celebrities’ special requirements, such as personal vehicles, motor homes, and scheduling restrictions. In Post-Production Mbrella Films coordinated and oversaw editing, VFX, color grading, music composing and sound mixing for all 30 releases required by pomelo. This includes Main releases, director’s cuts and cut downs of all durations in 16:9 (Wide for traditional viewing format), 1:1 (Square for Instagram post) and 9:16 (Vertical for Instagram stories).

Behind the Scenes Video:

Behind the Scenes Stills:

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