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One of the hidden gems for film services and production in Southeast Asia is Myanmar. To learn more about shooting and obtaining locations, permits, film crew and equipment rentals, please get in touch by filling out the form below or giving us a call. Mbrella films has years of providing film production services in Myanmar.

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Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, has recently opened its doors to outside tourism and film production. This makes it an original and undiscovered setting for film and video production. Some exemplary creative work is coming out of Myanmar as of late and winning multiple agency awards. An influx of creative and technical talent is now increasingly available as well.

Now is a great time to choose to shoot your feature film, TVC, music video or documentary in Myanmar. Mbrella Films can help you along every step of the way, from pre-production to dialing in your edit in post. Keep reading for more details on why Myanmar is an unraveling cinematic hot spot. This includes exotic locations, various crew options, and abundant equipment availability.

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Myanmar Film and Television Production Locations

After many years of obscurity as both a travel and filming destination, a surplus of astonishing untapped locations are available. Here islands have remained untouched throughout modern history. Visually rich cultural locations abound such as Bagan, an ancient city of more than 2,000 Buddhist monuments. Moreover, the former capital of Mandalay and Myanmar’s largest city Yangon are also popular filming locations.

The Andaman sea borders Myanmar in the deep south. This coast hosts over 800 islands called the Mergui Archipelago, many of which haven’t had recent visitors and remain preserved in their biological diversity. This region is blessed with crystal clear blue water and pristine fine white sand beaches, with few tourists or signs of civilization in sight. Such idyllic scenery will fill up the screen with a cornucopia of colors, visual narrative elements, eye-popping sights, and melodious sounds.

Film Production Services Myanmar Filming Locations

The city of Bagan is on the bucket lists of many starry-eyed inveterate travelers. Settled on an arid, dry valley floor in central Myanmar, this city seems almost frozen in time. It has to be seen to be believed. With over 2,000 Buddhist shrines and temples, this sacred center of the ancient Burmese empire can rival even Cambodia’s Angkor Wat. Sunrise and sunset are one of the most sought after shooting times here, with golden hour vistas to match the splendor of any on earth.

Proper permissions in Myanmar are easily obtainable through our local fixer services. If you would like to shoot in the Mergui Archipelago, Bagan, or the more modern city of Yangon, you can rest assured Mbrella always has you covered. Call us all any time you please and we will answer any questions about this newly accessible film, video and television production locale.

Film Crew and Equipment in Myanmar

Yangon is the primary city where visiting productions can rent all the necessary equipment. This includes all major camera, lighting, and grip brands on the market, such as ARRI, RED, & Sony, MF&E, etc.

Due to Myanmar’s status as a country in development, most local crews speak little or no English. However, there are a select few with English skills in lead positions on set such as DOPs, line producers, and production managers. These crew are still very sought after as many have gained their experience working outside of Myanmar. This is a very significant advantage as they are familiar with US and European filming procedures and standards.

Please do get in touch with us with any inquiries regarding film production services in Myanmar. The entire team here at Mbrella Films is here to assist as your key SE Asian producing partner.

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