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One of the hidden gems for production in Asia is Myanmar. To learn more about shooting and obtaining locations, permits, film crew and equipment rentals, please get in touch with our producer by filling out the form below or giving us a call.


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Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, has recently opened up to outside tourism and production. Making it a new destination for film and video production. Some of the top creative work is coming out of Myanmar now and winning multiple agency awards. An influx of creative and technical talent is now becoming available, proving that now is a great time to choose to shoot in Myanmar.


Due to many years of locations “not being on the map”, there is a surplus now of astonishing and unique locations available. There are Islands that have been untouched until now or locations such as Bagan-an ancient city of more than 2,000 Buddhist monuments dotting the skyline is also an option. Moreover, the former capital Mandalay, and Yangon-the largest city in Myanmar are also popular filming locations.

The Andaman sea borders Myanmar in the deep south. The coast hosts over 800 islands, many never have any visitors before the most recent 2-3 years. Crystal clear blue water, pristine fine white sand beaches, and no tourists or locals in sight.

Bagan is one of the ultimate places to see, unbelievable until you experience it in person. Over 2,000 Buddhist shrines and temples take over the entire area. Sunrise and sunset are one of the most sought after times to shoot here. Proper permissions are easily obtainable through our fixer services here.

Yangon, the former capital, is the largest populated city in Myanmar. This hosts many different areas to shoot, streets, food vendors and the Shwedagon Pagoda. The Shwedagon Pagoda is also one of the main attractions to Yangon, made up of pure gold and towering over 100 meters tall, it is one of the most sacred temples and areas in Myanmar.


Yangon primarily is the main city to rent equipment. All major camera, lighting, and grip brands being available, ARRI, RED, & Sony, MF&E etc. 

Primarily most local crew do not speak english, however there are a select few that head head positions on set-DOPs, Producers, and Production Managers. These crew are still very sought after as many have gained their experience outside of Myanmar, this is a very big advantage as they are familiar with US and European filming procedures and standards. 

Please do get in touch with us about any production or shooting you have in Myanmar. We are anxious to hear more and to help however we can.