Willie X.O. Featuring Ashanti | “Early in the Morning” – Music Video

Willie X.O. “Early in the Morning” Featuring Ashanti:

  • Artist – Willie X.O. featuring Ashanti
  • Producer – Joshua Dixon
  • Production House – Mbrella Films
  • Production Manager – Andrew Millet
  • Camera – Red Snapper
  • Grip and Lighting – Foot Gear

Mbrella Films provided production production services for Willie X.O. featuring Ashanti for the music video “Early In The Morning”. As well as production for 2 other music videos. All of the videos were shot in the islands in the South of Thailand, in Phangna, Phuket and a few other private islands. Part of the video included building a cinema in the sea just off of the coast, with a 10 meter by 7 projector screen and a large viewing platform. While the cinema was playing a movie a large set of fireworks were coordinated to set off behind the screen off a barge several hundred meters away.

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