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When you mention southeast Asia in most conversations, one of the first countries people will think of is Thailand. And that’s for good reason. Thailand has absolutely perfected the art of travel and tourism. For many of the same reasons why Thailand is a preeminent ASEAN travel destination, it is also an ideal location for any video production company. That’s also why Mbrella Films is proud to have made Thailand our central headquarters in the Asia Pacific region.

Mbrella’s team of experienced producers are unrivaled regional experts in getting the most production value out of this lovely country. Fill out the form below for more information or give us a call anytime. Keep reading to delve further into why Thailand is a global film and video production company hotspot!

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Boundless natural wonders give Thailand a wealth of cinematic scope for producers.

Online Commercials Production Thailand

The Thai population is highly connected and uses social media prodigiously. That’s why this country is not only a wonderful destination for visiting foreign productions, but it’s also a major SE Asian online market. Viral marketing content and social media video productions are in demand in Thailand. Enterprising startups, as well as established brands, are all using the unparalleled power of video production to their advantage in order to increase recognition and web presence.

Video Production Company Thailand Mbrella Films Online Commercials Production Thailand
Thailand's rich cultural traditions and architecture bring every frame of video to life.

Any production such as a TVC, a music video, a Youtube video or a social media video will achieve marketing success with Thailand as its setting. Later in this article, we’ll go into how you can get your Thailand film or television production company project off the ground. We’ll discuss why Thai crews and equipment are undoubtedly top-tier. But first, let’s take a look at some statistics demonstrating why Thailand is such a thriving online video content market.

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At every turn, Thailand is a source of inspiration for professional filmmakers

Thailand is well known for its idyllic cultural atmosphere, natural wonders, and picturesque agrarian traditions. This all translates very well to screen. However, Thailand is also a highly urbanized country with 50% of the population living in cities and 93 million mobile users. Not only that, but 98% of Thailand’s internet users stream video, making video content consumption hands down the most popular activity online. That’s why any stroll around busy Bangkok is likely to encounter a music video production shoot or a TVC set. Everyone is eager to tap into this sector of the media ecosystem.

Thai audiences aren’t limiting their viewership to only mobile video, however. In fact, Thais spend an average daily time of 3 hours and 44 minutes watching broadcast TV, video on demand, and streaming television. Mbrella Films has worked with numerous local and foreign television productions, including streaming VOD miniseries and documentary series.

Youtube Video Production Thailand: Locations

Video Production Company Thailand Mbrella Films Youtube Video Production Thailand: Locations
At every turn, Thailand is a source of inspiration for professional filmmakers

Thailand is truly blessed with an incredible array of Youtube video production locations. These include pristine beaches and seaside cliffs that remain preserved from a prehistoric era. Abundant marine life and biological diversity blanket the country in nature preserves that the Thai government labors diligently to protect. And obtaining a permit to shoot in these exotic locales is as easy as 1-2-3. Mbrella’s team of production fixers can use our in-country network to ensure you get the necessary paperwork almost as soon as you step off an inbound flight.

There’s more. Whether you are bringing your own dedicated film production company to Thailand or need local film production services, everything is at your beck and call. Thailand’s well-established film infrastructure can have your gear and crew on-site and ready for action as fast as you can draw out the storyboards for your masterpiece. Here you can turn the camera on cool temperate mountain vistas, modern architecture, temples, and river life. From Bangkok to Chang Mai in the north, this country opens its doors for the imagination to soar as high as any DJI drone carrying a 4k camera.

Film Production Company Thailand: Crew and Equipment

Local production crews are so professional, you can focus on getting the best performances from actors.

Alright! The location scouts are back and they’ve found the best village or rooftop club for your next music video or TVC. Now the only thing you need is the latest generation camera and sound equipment along with a crew who knows how to get the most out of it. With Mbrella Films, that’s just a step away. We’re able to tap into the vast wealth of Thai talent including AD’s, directors, gaffers and grips who all speak English well and possess exceptional work ethic. With this kind of production support, you can rest assured that your experience shooting your next project is a breeze. Regardless of scale, you have what you need in Thailand, whether it’s a feature film or a social media video production.

Mbrella’s team of producers has decades of experience in Thailand and the greater ASEAN region, and we are always happy to answer your questions. Call or email any time. With Thailand as your backdrop, we’re sure you can benefit from shooting your next project in this wonderful country.