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The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has recently established itself as a leading hub for post-production in the Middle East with state-of-the-art facilities, skilled professionals, and tax incentives, making it an attractive destination for filmmakers. The government’s significant investment in the film industry has fueled a surge in demand for post-production services. Moreover, the country’s strategic location makes it an ideal gateway to the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. Mbrella Films, our production house based in the UAE, provides a full-scale production service from pre- to post-production at competitive prices, with a commitment to efficient work and quality output.

We can also provide producers to guide you through the process of post-production in the UAE. With their wealth of experience, ensuring that your project runs smoothly with no trouble. Feel free to contact us using the form below if you have any inquiries or are interested in doing post-production in the UAE with Mbrella Films. One of our producers will get back to you shortly with all the necessary details to get your production ready for post-production!

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Popular types of Post-Production services in the United Arab Emirates

post production services the united arab emirates popular types of post production services
Editing is the most well-known and vital post-production service in the United Arab Emirates.

In the UAE, post-production services play a significant role in the film and TV industry, as they are essential for completing a project after filming is done. The country offers a wide range of post-production services that cater to the needs of filmmakers, including editing, visual effects, sound design, color grading, finishing, and mastering. These services are carried out by skilled professionals who use state-of-the-art technology and infrastructure to ensure the highest quality output. A few names of blockbuster-tier film productions that were filmed and underwent post-production here, such as “Star Trek: Beyond,” “Fast and Furious 7,” and “Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol” could clarify how professional the post-production services in the UAE are.


As a UAE-based post-production house, Mbrella Films boast state-of-the-art editing suites equipped with the latest technology, including high-end monitors, advanced editing tools, and top-of-the-line editing software. Our facilities allow us to deliver high-quality output that meets the needs and expectations of our clients.

Visual Effects (VFX)

With the growing film and TV industry in the UAE, the demand for visual effects has significantly increased in recent years. As a result, VFX has become a vital service in this country for creating immersive and engaging experiences for audiences.


At Mbrella Films, our sound engineers work in state-of-the-art sound studios equipped with the latest software, such as Pro Tools and Logic Pro. They create and manipulate sound effects, dialogue, and music for a wide range of projects, including TV commercials and feature films, to enhance the overall audience experience with high-quality sound.

We have a team of specialized artists who have expertise in every aspect of post-production services, not limited to just those three services. We offer color grading, finishing, and mastering services to ensure your project is as flawless as possible. All our services are reasonably priced without compromising on the quality of work delivered. Contact us now to know more about our full-scale production deals with Mbrella Films.

Talented Artists

Mbrella Films provides access to world-class artists who have extensive experience working on numerous projects across various fields. Our artists bring a creative vision and attention to detail that ensures the best possible outcome for your project. They also have a proven track record of working one-on-one with clients, ensuring seamless communication throughout the entire post-production process. Trust us to connect you with the most qualified and talented artists for your next project.


At Mbrella Films, we offer budget-friendly rates for our post-production services without compromising on quality. Our experienced producers provide a detailed breakdown of the line budget, ensuring that you are fully aware of the costs involved. Additionally, if you choose to work with Mbrella Films for full-scale production, we can offer you an excellent deal on our post-production services. Reach out now!

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