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Post-Production Services in Ghana

Ghana, a vibrant country in West Africa, is known not only for its beautiful landscapes but also for its growing post-production services. With a skilled workforce and state-of-the-art facilities, post-production services in Ghana are gaining prominence in the international film industry. Mbrella Films, the most well-known production studio in Ghana, offers comprehensive production services from pre- to post-production, ensuring a seamless transition between each stage.

Our state-of-the-art facilities allow you or your clients to double-head your project with our world-class artists in real-time, ensuring a seamless workflow and communication throughout the process. We can also provide you with producers who have over a decade of experience producing film and video content through various platforms. They can help guide and walk you through every step of the post-production process in Ghana. If you’re interested in elevating your post-production to the next level, feel free to contact us using the form below whether you’re based in Ghana or not.

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Popular types of Post-Production services in Ghana

post production services ghana popular types of post production services
Post-production studios in Ghana provide cutting-edge video editing services with advanced tools.

Ghana’s post-production studios offer a diverse range of services to cater to the varying needs of productions. Whether you require specific services or a comprehensive post-production package, Mbrella Films has you covered. Our competitive rates ensure your post-production reaches its full potential while staying within your budget. As an example, the war drama film “Beasts of No Nation” was shot in Ghana and had certain aspects of its post-production carried out in the country.


Our skilled editors work closely with filmmakers to shape the narrative, structure the story, and deliver a cohesive final product. Leveraging advanced editing software, they enhance footage, ensure smooth transitions, and optimize the overall storytelling.

Sound Design and Mixing

Sound engineers and designers excel in enhancing dialogue clarity, adding atmospheric effects, and creating immersive soundscapes. They work to balance and blend different audio elements, creating a captivating audio experience for the audience.

Visual Effects (VFX)

At Mbrella Films, our talented VFX artists harness cutting-edge technology and software to produce stunning visual enhancements, realistic digital elements, and breathtaking CGI sequences. With their expertise, they breathe life into visual spectacles and elevate the overall visual storytelling of the film.

In addition to the three primary services mentioned earlier, Mbrella Films offers a diverse range of post-production services in Ghana. We provide essential services such as color grading, CGI, finishing, and mastering to ensure an excellent and exceptional final product before its release. Rest assured, our rates are reasonable, and if you have done full-scale production services with us, you will be eligible for a discount on our post-production services.

Talented Artists

Our team of talented artists at Mbrella Films are specialists in their specific fields of work. They all have over ten years of experience providing post-production services to numerous film productions across the globe. Their expertise and experience working one-on-one with clients ensure seamless communication and high-quality work for your film.


Our producers at Mbrella Films will break down your line budget at every step of the process, ensuring transparency and understanding throughout the post-production process. They will inform and keep you in the loop, making sure that you know exactly what your money is being invested in.

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