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Estonia has a strong reputation for producing documentaries and collaborating with other countries on international projects. Mbrella Films, a leading production company for over 10 years, can assure you of a seamless production process. We offer you comprehensive production services ranging from pre- to post-production at competitive rates without sacrificing quality. We have English-speaking producers and passionate multi-talented teams.

Mbrella Film is your trusted partner for any film production. We transform your initial concept into a visually stunning masterpiece on screen. Our countless projects delivered with the highest quality, be it feature films, commercials, or any creative vision you can imagine.

Whether you’re based in Estonia or elsewhere, Mbrella Films is your one-stop service for all your post-production needs. Contact us today to discuss your project.

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Popular types of Post-Production services in Estonia

post production services estonia popular types of post production services
The most popular post-production service in Estonia is Sound and Audio.

Estonia’s thriving film industry is renowned for its collaborative spirit, fostered through numerous co-productions. This international experience translates into a high level of expertise across various post-production services, ensuring your film reaches its full potential.

Sound and Audio

Many documentaries screened at international festivals showcase the power of their work, particularly in dubbing and voice-over narration. Our talented voice actors breathe life into characters, adding a crucial layer of emotional impact to projects.

Video Editing

Our talented editors possess exceptional skills to craft seamless narrative from video editing and also play an essential role in the post-production process to bring visions to life.


Estonian studios can handle a wide range of VFX needs, from subtle enhancements that blend invisibly into a film’s background to creating breathtaking visual effects that bring fantastical worlds to life.

Partner with Mbrella Films and leverage Estonia’s post-production expertise to bring your film to life. We offer a collaborative environment, exceptional talent, and competitive rates. Contact us today to discuss your project and explore the possibilities of Estonian post-production.

Talented Artists

Our team’s dedication to storytelling is matched only by their meticulous attention to detail. This translates into exceptional results, whether you’re crafting a heart-wrenching narrative film or a show-stopping commercial. All our artists and producers are fluent in English, guaranteeing clear communication throughout the entire post-production process.

Contact us today to discuss your project and discover how Mbrella Films can elevate your vision to the next level.


Mbrella Films isn’t just another production company. We’re your trusted partner, bringing over 10 years of experience to meticulously craft cinematic excellence for every project, big or small. We believe in clear communication and upfront costs. That’s why you’ll receive a detailed budget breakdown within 24 hours, allowing you to make informed decisions fast!

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