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Post-Production Services in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic’s thriving post-production industry has solidified its position as a sought-after destination for filmmakers worldwide. With its talented artists, state-of-the-art facilities, competitive pricing, and government support, the country provides a conducive environment for bringing creative visions to life. Mbrella Films is one of the production houses in the Czech Republic that can offer you full-scale production, including post-production services.

We have provided high-quality post-production services for filmmakers and brands for over 10 years. Our production house comprises all talented artists, state-of-the-art facilities, and competitive pricing, making us the best choice for your next film production. Additionally, a special discount on post-production is available to our clients who are looking for a full-scale production with us Mbrella Films.

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Popular types of Post-Production services in the Czech Republic

post production services the czech republic popular types of post production services
Color grading is the most well-known post-production service in the Czech Republic.

Post-production services in the Czech Republic offer numerous types of services such as color grading, visual effects, and sound, which are essential to the post-production process and help create a polished final film. Mbrella Films can help you by offering top-quality post-production services at a reasonable price and making sure that your film looks and sounds the best it can be. Several blockbuster-tier film productions have undergone post-production services in the Czech Republic, such as “Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol,” “Snowpiercer,” “Hellboy,” and many more.

Color Grading

Mbrella Films boasts experienced colorists who use advanced grading software and high-end equipment to achieve the desired look and feel of a project. They work closely with filmmakers or clients to ensure consistency and convey the intended mood and atmosphere through color.

Visual Effects (VFX)

The Czech Republic has a robust visual effects industry, offering services such as CGI, compositing, 3D modeling, character animation, motion tracking, and more. Skilled VFX artists utilize advanced software and techniques to create stunning visual effects that enhance the storytelling and visual aesthetics of films and TV shows.

Sound Design and Mixing

At Mbrella Films, we offer top-notch sound services, including sound design, Foley, ADR, and sound mixing. Or skilled sound engineers enhance the audio elements, ensuring clarity, depth, and balance. They carefully craft soundscapes, integrate dialogue and effects, and fine-tune the mix to create a captivating sound experience that complements the visual storytelling.

In addition to the three services mentioned, Mbrella Films also provides a diverse range of additional services, including video editing, finishing, and mastering. These services are integral to the post-production process, guaranteeing a polished and professional final product. Moreover, Mbrella Films specializes in facilitating a seamless transition from the shooting phase to post-production, ensuring a streamlined workflow and efficient project delivery.

Talented Artists

At Mbrella Films, our team of talented artists possesses not only the technical expertise but also the creative vision and attention to detail necessary to deliver the best possible outcome for your project. With a wealth of experience working with clients both locally and internationally, our English-speaking artists ensure seamless communication throughout the entire process. Trust Mbrella Films to enhance and bring your project to life with our talented artists.


At Mbrella Films, we prioritize transparency and open communication when it comes to your project’s budget. Our experienced producers will provide you with a comprehensive breakdown of the line budget, ensuring full visibility of how your funds are being allocated throughout the entire post-production process. Feel free to reach out if you have any inquiries or require further information about our post-production services in the Czech Republic.

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