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Mbrella Films is a film production house with HQ located in Bangkok, Thailand

Thailand is truly “The Land Of Smiles”. This is one of the many reasons why we, Mbrella Films, chose Thailand as our HQ city in Southeast Asia. For shooting in Thailand, please contact us with the form below or reach out to us by phone.

Here in the heart of Bangkok, in the business district of Silom, you will find our brand new and freshly renovated offices. We are only a 5 minute walk from both major trains, BTS Sala Daeng Station and the MRT Silom Station.

At our HQ we keep an in-house staff team of producers and production managers. Our team is readily available to service clients, create budgets, and take care of production needs for anyone interested to shoot in The Kingdom. As mentioned before, not only is the welcoming warm here, but there are many other reasons to consider shooting in Thailand.

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Thailand has one of the most diverse amount of locations available in a single country! Mountains, islands, cityscapes, rooftops w/ helipads, airports, China Town, colonial buildings, highways, villages, sand dunes, over 40 sound stages, and the list goes on!


Alongside locations, Thailand offers some of the best crews in APAC. All having been formally trained on the US and European systems, they have a very deep understanding of performing quick and precisely. Another great thing you will find in Thailand is all head crew positions speak English here.

It is very common for productions to bring only top key creative players to Thailand, as Thailand has excellent producers, assistant directors, technical crew and more. Most of the crews here work regularly on large Hollywood films as well as on the most recent influx of Netflix films that have become a staple of Thailand.


Due to the great locations and crews available here, all budgets are ok to be considered. We understand helping to scale and we are always willing to take a look at unique and exciting projects. What you get in Thailand for a trade in on budgets is amazing locations, good communication and fast crews.


One of the most recent recent achievements has been Thailand hosting Netflix movies regularly. One of the main contributors to that is the Film Incentives in place, allowing small budget features to take advantage and stretch their overall cost.


Not only does Thailand have top international shooting crew and services, it also has many world class post facilities. Capabilities range from offline editors and post rooms to full online Davinci, Flame, Smoke, VFX, 3D and more.

Our post services in house include an offline cutting and client room and also Davinci grading. As expected, all of the usual coffee, drinks, food and client services are of course included.

We would love to help with your production. Whether large or small, please do get in touch with us and we do our best to get you a quotation asap.