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With a population over 20 million, Beijing is a city that has undergone mass development and is also one of the most visited cities in the world. Since opening to the rest of the world around 50 years ago, Beijing has become a city in a league of its own with well preserved ancient buildings, an enduring culture and now its embrace of modernity. Therefore, filming in Beijing provides a comprehensive look through the lens of its past, present, and even the future where it is hurtling towards.

Beijing is the historic, political and artistic capital of China with a host of magnificent cultural locations including the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, the Temple of Heaven and the Summer Palace. Although Mandarin Chinese is the native language, through the city’s rapid progress and the investment China has poured into its economy as well as the film industry’s infrastructure, English has become more widely spoken especially amongst film professionals.

Mbrella Films will facilitate all your film and video production needs in order to shoot in Beijing. Please feel free to call us anytime with questions, inquiries, or requests for quotations. We look forward to possibly working with you and emboldening your vision through the art of video. Read further as we detail the complete video production services we provide in the ancient marvel that is Beijing.

Video Production Services Beijing

Film Production Company Beijing Video Production Services Company
In Shanghai, you’ll find a host of ARRI grade cameras, however importing equipment from abroad and neighboring Hong Kong is simple

Video production has many types with most companies typically relying on corporate videos, viral marketing videos or television commercials (TVC) to bolster their brand image and create a wider audience reach. There are various other forms of video production such as social media and YouTube videos, and event videos also prove very useful. Production sizes can vary drastically with some video productions requiring more planning, higher budgets and bigger crew. Other videos like crowdfunding videos, for example, may need more of a minimalist approach to production. Still, every phase of production from planning to editing is for the purpose of telling the best story possible.

Mbrella Films are experts at film and video production with some of our esteemed returning clients including the likes of Nike, Apple, Google, Kayak, Land Rover, Hennesy, GoPro and Pomelo just to name a few. We carefully plan each shoot with considerable concern, covering all our bases during the planning stage in order to best ensure the success of each shoot from start to finish. Our extensive network of fluent English speaking directors and DOP’s who reside in Beijing have numerous years of experience shooting for companies and projects all over the globe. China has recently implemented tax incentives and ramped up investment in the film and video production industries, which has led to a spike in opportunities and experience for local crews.

Mbrella’s film production teams have networks set up in Beijing with our local fixers having thorough knowledge of the areas. For any inquiries about this stunning production location, please email or phone us about how we can bring out the absolute best in your next video production..

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Top Filming Locations in Beijing

Film Production Company Beijing Locations Great Wall of China
China’s abundance of breathtaking ancient architecture coupled with surrounding natural beauty creates a wealth of cinematic opportunities

Though Beijing is home to some incredibly designed skyscrapers such as the 108 story China Zun, the creatively ultra-modern CCTV Headquarters building and Zoho Peaks buildings, it still boasts well preserved ancient landmarks and historical sites. The most famous has to be The Great Wall of China with its vast winding path that stretches through rugged country and sharp mountains yielding majestic scenery waiting to be captured on film. The wall is so extensive, you’ll find parts stretching through an array of scenery from the beaches of Qinhuangdao to a desert corridor between tall mountain ranges.

In Beijing there are seemingly endless cinematic opportunities pertaining temples, palaces, costumes and props reminiscent of Ancient China. The China Film Group Digital Film Production Base is a great example of a collection of studios that have it all! Located in Yangsong Town, Huairou District of Beijing, this massive area provides a one stop high quality space supplying services for film and TV filmmakers and producers from around the globe. It houses 16 studios and 15 of those studios have outdoor weather ‘senses’ allowing its sliding roofs to be removed when necessary. These studios are equipped with everything needed from script to post production, from digital workshops to underwater shooting ranges.

Film Production Company Beijing Locations Forbidden City 1
China’s abundance of breathtaking ancient architecture coupled with surrounding natural beauty creates a wealth of cinematic opportunities

There are many locations in Beijing that would greatly enhance the cinematography of any video. Such locations include The Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, The Temple of Heaven, The Summer Palace, Beihai Park, Tombs of the Ming Dynasty, Water Cube and Bird’s Nest (which were constructed during the 2008 Olympics). Not only that, but there are also many parks, nature reserves, and idyllic villages.

Despite the fact that The Forbidden City doesn’t allow big commercial shoots, it’s possible to shoot using handheld camera equipment, perfect for documentaries or other shoots requiring a minimalist approach. The rectangular Forbidden City is situated to the north of the Tiananmen Square enclosed by a 10 meters high outer wall and encompassed by a 52 meters wide moat with four gates.

Film Fixers Beijing

Film Production Company Beijing Film Fixers
Film fixers solve problems that come up and also help by giving international productions access to local industry resources and locations

Beijing is one of China’s top film, documentary and television locations. In order to uncover the best attributes of this ancient and remarkable city, you’ll need an experienced local fixer. Mbrella Films has local fixers in Beijing who have a wealth of experience. So, what do fixers do? Simply put, as jack of all trades they do almost everything that needs to be taken care of, including issues that arise during filming.

They are local experts who are well informed in many areas with regards to the local languages, customs, and rates. Their responsibilities range from expediting all logistical processes such as providing access to lodging, dining and transportation to preventing obstacles from slowing down production. With the right film fixer, directors, producers and production team members can focus on their duties allowing the creative process to thrive.

Our local Beijing film fixers give us access to their wide network of contacts in order to ensure each video production is an emphatic success. These outstanding professionals take care of scouting and managing locations, securing permits along with crew and equipment services. Keep reading as we delve into some of the breathtaking locations that our team of fixers provide in order to best serve your next video production.

For any inquiries about producing your next production in the remarkable Beijing, please reach out to us at any time by email or phone. Our producers are constantly on standby to answer all of your questions.